Friday, 21 October 2011

Site Visit SMK Seri Sentosa 9-10 Storeys Industrial Building System

Group photo : KL Prima Consult

Welcoming note by the  contractor, Pelangi Wira. From left : En Halimi (General Manager) and right : En Rashidi (Project Director). Briefing on the work progress and the safety procedure before entering the site
View from site office.  From left to right : Block C, Block B and Block A.  However due to the safety reason, we were allowed to visit only Block A
Every structure / precast elements arrived at site is individually labeled for purpose of identification
A short briefing by the appointed installer of the precast elements.

Heading to Block A accompanied by the installer’s representative and our COW, En. Sharifful Azha and En. Khadir
 150mm thickness of precast wall which arrived with size of 3575mm x 3400 mm height to be erected at both ends of the building. These walls act as the bracing element.
View of Block A 
 Reinforcement for cast in situ column for the air cond compartment. The starter bars for insitu beams and slabs are already embedded into the precast beam. 
Joint between walls. Temporary strut is provided before all the joints have been in filled with grout. 
The joints at the corners of walls, beams, columns and slabs.
View of Block C from Level 3 of Block A 
To ensure verticality of columns, shim plate are used. The plates are installed at column base and adjusted as necessary. The shim plate comes in sizes of 5mm, 10mm and 20mm thick.  
The column was lifted and adjusted using the shim plate. 
After the column position is confirmed, the column is checked for its verticality. The acceptable tolerance is about +/- 10 mm. 
Strutting is plunged at the floor.  Columns will be grouted using Stocrete cement of Grade 60. Beams and hollow core slabs can be installed 8 hours after the columns are grouted. 
 Placing of the precast beam  
Positioning of the beam and the starter bar of the column are adjusted accordingly. 
Installation of beam is done and the hollow core slab shall be installed afterward. 
Beams sitting on the corbel. Top reinforcement bar shall be provided in accordance to the drawing. 
Reinforcement from top of wall is bent into the slab. 
 Location for  the steel staircase  
 The cement grout supplied by StoCrete come in 25kg packaging of Grade 60. 
The cast in situ beam has been roughened and to be reconstructed   due to the bulging (defect)
The lift wall and staircase area is constructed as in-situ elements
 Close up of the acotec panel in replacement of the conventional cement or clay brick wall 
Special mortar for the acotec panel, comes in 40kg per bag. The panel will be plastered 20mm both side.

 A visit to the stockpile area before leaving the site.


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