Thursday, 21 July 2011

Ida : Black and White Contest

I was informed ade contest to post a black n white photo conducted by this litte girl named Ida.  Then i remembered my stories my pictures... taken during our graduation.  We made a promise to each other nk datang during convocation back in year 2004.  Tapi jodoh kami xkekal lama disebabkan kehadiran orang ketiga ini.

Tiba saat his graduation, he texted me and ask me to come.  I was like 50/50 sbb Nami ajak saya to his graduation instead of Cik Z.  Minx maaflah i dont care bout ur feeling cos I da nantikan saat ni dari awal bcinta dlu dari zaman dia kt UTP lagi sblm Nami kua jadi kadet.  

Gamba bsama bf orang 

2 tahun kemudian, setelah lost contact for almost 2 years he texted me a message "Hai sexy wt ape?"  5 min i tenung message tu btol ke Nami yang anta ni? Mimpi ke ni? Wahaha and thats how its began smule not as a bf/gf things but more to teman tapi mesra auw~~  

August 2009 it was the time for my convotation.  Ofkos la nk Nami datang n kasik bnge.  Mase bcinta ngn org lain selepas Nami pon i was hoped Nami akan datang gak to my convocation.  EEE keji kan sy.

Sangat tharu he was by my side during my convocation. I heart u.

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  1. gud luck!

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