Friday, 12 August 2011

Photobook from U-Print

Aluminium Diecut Cover

Overall saya rase the price is reasonable dengan kualitinye. Sbb ink dia xsmooth sgt mcm print kt inkjet je and print pon ade senget skek pastu border pon ilang skali. Hurm... tp xperasan sgt pon kn? perasaan sendiri je. Y pasti i xnk wt photobook kt UPrint da hoho.

Actually i got the deal from this so call Milkadeal from this promotion : RM64 instead of RM95 for Window/Diecut Hardcover Photobook from UPrint, Shah Alam [33% OFF]

And now Milkadeal ade new promotion : 

RM88 instead of RM228 for One Image Wrap Landscape Photobook Album + Free Delivery within Peninsular Malaysia by Phototalkz - Photobooks Category Gold Winner, Malaysia Print Awards 2010 [61% 
Gold Winner of Malaysia Print Awards 201

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    What You'll Get
    • One Regular Landscape Format Size (280mm x 216mm) Photobook with 40 Print pages Image Wrap (Matt Lamination) + FREE Slip Case (Black Buckram)

    • UPDATED: Complimentary 6 lovely Phototalkz Postcards by Liking their Facebook Page after purchase

    Hurm... rase mcm nk bli grab this deal utk gmba convocation yang blom tprint lg hoho.

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